Welcome To Authentic Supplements Online in India

Started passionately by Mr Sachin Rana, Code Supplement has been a platform that benefits everyone who is involved in any type of sport by providing them guidance to improve their lifestyle, exercise appropriately, make the correct dietary choices and buying authentic supplements. Last few years our company has become a premier destination for bodybuilding lovers for buying their supplements, seeking the right advice and sharing their experiences.

We found it hard to find a store to buy bodybuilding supplements online in India and at the right price. Hence, we decided to solve the problem ourselves. Unlike other websites that sell supplements which are marketplaces, we list no 3rd party suppliers or middlemen and fulfil all orders directly from our warehouse. We are certified by all our brands for authentic products.

We’re proud of ourselves for solving this problem and we aim to be present in every corner of our country through our online store and physical stores. We will continue innovating and solving all your bodybuilding problems.

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