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We now have a huge online market for these dietary supplements in India, but unfortunately do not have one well-established or reliable market from where we can buy 100% authentic and genuine supplements online in India. Because we all want to buy a superior product that would give faster results, we end up buying and importing such products from American companies.

In India, more than 90% of online/offline retailers sell fake/adulterated supplements. Few stores sell 100% authentic supplements, but there is a big fake market for dietary supplements in India so if you are provided with reasonably priced or cheap prices for an international company dietary supplement beware!

We will suggest you Buy Health & Bodybuilding Supplements Online for purchasing supplements as they give the authenticity of the products.

How To Identify the Fake Supplements When Buying Authentic Supplements Online India

1. Packaging of the product

By checking the product packaging and reading the label carefully you can identify whether the product is genuine or fake. Fake products generally have a low quality of print as well as check the product details whether it is written correctly or not.

2. Taste will be too sweet

Fake supplements taste much sweeter than the authentic ones. The fake supplements have high sugar levels.

3. Supplement will not dissolve completely

Authentic supplements dissolve very smoothly as compared to the fake ones which will take more time to get dissolve.

4. Available at cheap prices as compared to the market

Fake supplements are available at cheap prices. If someone is trying to sell you the product at a very low price or at the price which you are asking for, understand it’s the fake one. How can someone sell you the product at a very low price as compared to the other retailers and stores which are selling it at higher prices?

5. Lot Number at the bottom of the product.

Some Authentic supplements brand provides the lot number at the base of the product. Always check and verify online at their official website for the authenticity check.

Always Buy Authentic Supplements Online In India from a trusted website only:

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Authenticity Check for Supplements

• Our product has an Importer Sticker if it is an imported product.

• Each product has an Expiry Date and a Valid Batch Number that can be verified by the manufacturer.

• We provide proper Tax Paid Retail Invoice with every product.

• We are Certified & Authorized for distribution by the official importers (it can be verified from the customer care of the respective importer)

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