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For FITNESS sweethearts, Made from top-notch new peanuts, this MY FITNESS Peanut Butter crunchy is in excess of a morning meal partner. It is a high protein, nutritious and scrumptious treat whether utilized in plans, as a spread on sandwiches, or in any event, when essentially licked off a spoon. It is sound for everybody in the family since it has zero cholesterol and zero trans-fats.

MY FITNESS Peanut Butter offers 26 grams of protein for every 100 grams of the item. The item has zero cholesterol and trans fat. A serving of 100 grams is liberally high on calories, making it perfect for individuals who are in the picking up mode.

MY FITNESS PEANUT  Crunchy BUTTER – the original crunch

This Pot of gold is made proudly utilizing just great fixings to offer you well-being with every delightful spoon. For Fitness darlings, produced using top-notch new peanuts, this MY FITNESS Peanut Butter is originally crunchy is in excess of a morning meal friend.


Each serving of MY FITNESS Peanut Butter has adequate protein that is significant in the weight control plans. Eating two or three tablespoons as a feature of supper or tidbit gives protein, a basic supplement for developing children.


A sound way of life is a high fiber way of life. MY FITNESS Peanut Butter comprises high fiber that assists with keeping up the soundness of you and your family.


MY FITNESS Peanut Butter contains solid unsaturated fats that incorporate poly-and monounsaturated fats that can help advantage your well-being.


MY FITNESS Peanut Butter crunchy is extraordinarily nutritious and significant supplements like nutrient E, minerals, and magnesium.


Premium Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Salt, Stabilizing Agent

Buy MY FITNESS Peanut Butter Crunchy Online, according to the mark, has been made to assist individuals with getting their calories and nourishment in a solid manner. Each serving of 100 grams offers the client 26 grams of normal protein acquired from sending out quality broiled peanuts. The item is normally high in dietary strands as well.

Trans Fat: This is the most agonizing thing over showcased nut margarine nowadays. Most brands add hydrogenated oils to the item to balance out it. This brings trans fat and cholesterol into the nutty spread. Nonetheless, MY FITNESS Peanut Butter is liberated from trans fats and cholesterol. So you get solid fats with each serving.

Stabilizer: MY FITNESS Peanut Butter without a doubt has an additional stabilizer passing by the terminology INS 471 named as a Permitted Stabilizing Agent. As clarified by the organization, INS 471 is top-notch Hydrogenated Soya Oil which is under 1% in the item. It consents to the Food Safety and Security Standards as well.

Sugar and Salt: MY FITNESS Peanut Butter has added sugar and salt to add to the satisfactoriness of the item. Each serving of 100 grams gives you 10 grams of sugar. Coming to salt, we have clarified prior to how sodium is fundamental for muscle heads. Each serving has 1 gram of 100% normal and concoction free salt. The item generally speaking has 173 mg of sodium.


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