top protein foods for bodybuilding

To get more power, strength, and energy you have to treat your body like a temple not like a woodshed.

Protein is the main factor in the growth of your muscles. An increase in intake of protein in your daily diet by including these top protein foods for muscle building listed below will help you in muscle growth.

Top Protein Foods For Muscle Building

1. Eggs

We know that eggs are good for health. The only fact is that eggs are rich in protein. The egg white is almost pure protein. 60% protein of the egg is in the egg white.

Adding, one large egg to your plate will add approximately 6 grams of protein to your diet.

 2. Yogurt

In yogurt’s Greek yogurt is one of the top 10 sources of protein. Greek yogurt is thick in texture as compared to others and also known as strained yogurt. One cup of around 170 grams of yogurt contains 17 grams of protein.

3. Cottage Cheese

By adding one cup of cottage cheese, you will add approximately 28 grams of protein to your diet.

It means a cup of cottage cheese completes half of the protein requirements you need to take daily.

4. Milk

Milk contains a little percentage of all the nutrients needed for our body. Good source of high-quality protein as well as vitamins and calcium.

One cup of whole milk contains 6 grams of protein. By using soya milk instead of whole milk you can add 0.3 grams of extra protein to your diet.

 5. Lentils

Lentils are also fallen in the list of the top 10 sources of protein. Basically, lentils are a type of legume. World’s best known plant-based protein. So, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian love lentils as a source of protein. It contains 18 gm of protein.

 6. Lean Beef

Lean beef is also high in protein. It also falls into the category of 100 sources of protein. It is high in nutrition which makes it a healthy food. 75 grams of lean meat contains about 25 grams of protein.

7. Fish

Fish contains omega 3, fatty acid, vitamin D, B2 and it is a good source of minerals. It’s also rich in calcium and phosphorus. The percentage of protein content varies according to the types of fish you are eating. For example,100 gm of salmon contains 22gram of protein.

8. Quinoa

Quinoa is also fallen in the category of the world’s most healthy and nutritious food because it is rich in fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids as compared to other crops.

100 gm of cooked quinoa contains 120 calories, 72% of water, and 4.4grams of protein. For someone who has a gluten intolerance then quinoa is the best source of protein.

9. Chicken Breast

A 100-gram chicken breast contains 195 calories, 29.55 grams of protein, 7.72 grams of fat. It is also high in iron, calcium, and vitamins.

You can make tasty recipes full of proteins and vitamins with chicken breasts and can add to your healthy diet.

10. Beans

Per cup of servings of beans contains around 15 grams of protein. The percentage of protein can differ according to the type of bean you are using.

Bean is a popular choice for vegetarians as it is the best source of protein for them. Bean is a good source of protein and fibers. It also contains fat, carbs, and calories as well.

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